Ch Kis'n King Edward
Chasen English Toy Spaniels
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Chasen English Toy Spaniels

Chasen English Toy Spaniel Pictures

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Updated on December 13, 2009

This page will be updated from time to time. These are thumbnail images. Please click here to learn more about the four different English Toy Spaniel colors. Please click on some of the images for higher resolution pictures.

Chasen 2004 Champions: Kobe, Cole, Rupert, Chauncey
Chasen 2004 Champions:
Kobe, Cole, Rupert, Chauncey
© Tom Weigand

Ch. Marsward Oakridge Black Rodney
CH. Marsward Oakridges Black Rodney
Ch. Marsward Oakridges Black Rodney

Peggy Sue Black and TanGeorgina 2004 Westminister
Black and Tan English Toy Spaniels

Chancellor Black and TanCarlotte BlenheimClaymore Black and Tan

Maia BlenheimCarlin Blenheim

Sharlie BlenheimChan Black and Tan

Chasen Crimson Sky
Ruby English Toy Spaniel "Chasen Crimson Sky"

CH. Chasen Challenger Rex
Ch. Marsward Morning Star
King Charles Black and Tan English Toy Spaniels

CH. Amantra Summer Festival
CH. Chasen Chan Son de Geste
Georgina BOS Westminster 2004
Ch Somerset Renegade of Amantra
A Variety of English Toys at the Show

Ch Kis'n Krimson Koquette-Ruby Ch. Kis'n Kate Komes Kallin-King Charles Chasen Courageous Gareth/Chasen Court of Arthur- Blenheim and Prince Charles
Examples of the 4 color types of English Toy Spaniels

CH. Kis'n King Edward
CH. Kis'n Kontrolling Destiny
CH. Chasen Count on Me Ch Chasen Cullen Ambrose
English Toy Spaniels at the Show

CH. Chasen Challenger Rex Chauncey Too
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