Ch Kis'n King Edward
Chasen English Toy Spaniels
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Chasen English Toy Spaniels

The English Toy Spaniel is a royal breed that was bred to be the companion of English kings. Generally speaking, the breed is described as weighing from eight to fourteen pounds, with a domed head, wide upturned muzzle, and large prominent eyes. The coat should be long, silky, soft and wavy and the ears low set, full and long. This breed gets along very well with other pets and will tolerate "good children". They have a wonderful temperament overall and make desirable house pets. The natural graces of the breed make them easy subjects to present at their best in the show ring. I've spent time researching this fascinating breed and have written a thorough history of the English Toy Spaniel. I also have posted the breed's more official history.

For more information about the English Toy Spaniels' four colors and AKC standards, please click here.

Our website is a collection of favorite pictures of our Charlies over the years. We hope you enjoy them.

Pet puppies are available on occasion.

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